Turquoise Colour Of The Third Sun

by Jåshlýkk

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Those that gaze upon the heavens know what many others do not. Time's telling is told first in the night sky, lit up by a thousand burning beacons. It is the duty of these scholars of the night to plan their lives according to what they read and to impart their knoweldge to those in need - but there are some events which no amount of planning or preparation can brace one for...

The Third Sun sits at the apex of the system. It might seem cold, circled only by small dwarves and elven wood sprites with small mallets of clay and pipes of wood. They spin and cavort but at such a distance, and most usually amongst themselves, the lonely Third Sun must grow to shiver and in its shining bosom a seed of malice might form.

For centuries a seed of malice can grow large and come to be a great burden. Like a great stone heart that weighs a soul down on a hapless journey that may never reach its end, like a buoy set adrift to float forever which is suddenly waylaid by many tons of lead that plummet from the skies in a shower of comets and sink it to the bottom of the expansive ocean - the Third Sun's seed carries in it the potential to become a great, great cataclysmic force.

All of the dwarves and their elven kin will stop and stare and stand to attention in a future yet to come. This story takes place before that future, but after and during many others...


released January 13, 2017

Jåshlýkk - Synths, Guitar on Bonus Track (#7. A Vacuum Which Is Not Empty)



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Jåshlýkk London, UK

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